i know i know. i like this movie too much

Oh back to the future how i love this movie. BUT

Did you know... that back to the future was actually filmed TWICE?????

The whole thing goes down like this...

Eric Stolz was the orignal marty mcfly from the start for some reason. They filmed the entire movie with him in it, but they watched it and thought it looked like complete shit. That is when Mr Michael Jello Fox hit the big screen and what you see on dvd blur ray dick is what the movie really is in the end. Most of the action scenes that were from the first version were kept in the movie.

Below is some pictures, that i found on BTTF.com (a site i would go to on a daily basis)



dbaf said...

Do they actually show the other filming on Blu-ray?

mossteph said...

wtf. i want to see the first filming.