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too right to be wrong.

i find these things to be amazing

I was looking through the internet as i always do and i found this.



after before

This story is amazing.

Secret Space.

'A masterful documentary it cracks on at a tremendous pace. A subject that at first seems too ridiculous to contemplate leaves you nodding in agreement ... I always thought there was something suspicious about NASA's attitude to UFOs. Now I know why.' - Jason Cooney, K-Drive Radio, Los Angeles.

This is probably hands down the best UFO documentary i have ever seen. WORTH the viewing.


7 songs

1) Descendents - In Love This Way
2) Weston - Clumsy Shy
3) 88 Fingers Louie - Too Many
4) Jawbreaker - Want
5) For Science - Soledad
6) Dag Nasty - Wig Out At Denko's
7) The Get Up Kids - Fall Semester

Lost In Tyme Blog

One of my favorite music blogs was having trouble and apparently is back in full swing since April.

is this thing even fucking on?



Life Lines

I wish I lived above the Earth...

Large Hadron Collider

View of the Computer Center during the installation of servers. (Maximilien Brice; Claudia Marcelloni, © CERN)

Assembly and installation of the ATLAS Hadronic endcap Liquid Argon Calorimeter. The ATLAS detector contains a series of ever-larger concentric cylinders around the central interaction point where the LHC's proton beams collide. (Roy Langstaff, © CERN)

Here's some insane pictures of the Large Hadron Collider.


Still gonna kill you all.

Apple I Basic Pulled from Tape to MP3

This is the first piece of software ever sold by Apple, Apple I BASIC, that I believe came with some of their Apple I PCs.

Read more here:

Fire Party

Rabidplaybunny87: Okay, so my neighbors officially hate me
GarbageStan23: why?
Rabidplaybunny87: Well, me, david and andrew were having a bonfire in the backyard, and we were making s'mores and all... and suddenly we here sirens, and see a firetruck turn into the street in front of us.
Rabidplaybunny87: So we all went running to see what was up, and our neigbor's house was on fire!
GarbageStan23: oh shit!
Rabidplaybunny87: Yeah, and when we got there, the wife was crying into her husbands arms, and we were just kinda standing there, and then she saw us, and then like for 10 seconds, gave us the dirtiest look ever
Rabidplaybunny87: Turns out, we were still holding our sticks with marshmallows on it, watching the fire....
Rabidplaybunny87: talk about bad timing...

Pay Day Action Figures

Check out these sick action figures by Nate Van Dyke. You can read and see a few pictures on his blog of the development of them.

Josh Hamilton

Photo from Jeff Zelevansky/ Click the image to check out more coverage from last night.

Last night at the MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby, Josh Hamilton hit 28 home runs in the first round. Hamilton's 28 dingers broke the previous record of 24 in a round by Bobby Abreu.

Go here to watch a video of it.

Nintendo prints

Cyberhadji on Etsy prints Nintendo characters on vintage books. [Link]

Freaky Bunny.


This looks so fucking fun...

Trails with no brakes, wild.

Click the image to go see a bigger version.

this movie looks so insane.

Beautiful Losers

Check out the trailer for this movie/documentary
"Beautiful Losers celebrates the spirit behind one of the most influential cultural movements of a generation. In the early 1990's a loose-knit group of likeminded outsiders found common ground at a little NYC storefront gallery. Rooted in the DIY (do-it-yourself) subcultures of skateboarding, surf, punk, hip hop & graffiti, they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led. Developing their craft with almost no influence from the "establishment" art world, this group, and the subcultures they sprang from, have now become a movement that has been transforming pop culture. Starring a selection of artists who are considered leaders within this culture, Beautiful Losers focuses on the telling of personal stories...speaking to themes of what happens when the outside becomes "in" as it explores the creative ethos connecting these artists and today's youth."

Howard Unruh

I always found how men (and now women) are affected by warfare very interesting. One particular that stands out to me, probably for me because Sheer Terror wrote a song about him is Howard Unruh. To many he is considered the "father of mass murder". Howard had gone on a killing spree, murdering 13 people on September 6, 1945 in Camden, NJ.
"Always a reserved man, he had turned into a recluse in the three months before his spree. The World War II veteran was unemployed and lived with his mother. During the war, he was reportedly a brave tank soldier who kept meticulous notes of every German killed, down to details of the corpse."
Go here to read more about Howard and the events of that day:

Editor: "How many have you killed?"
Unruh: "I don't know yet - I haven't counted them, but it looks like a pretty good score."

Here's a short documentary about Howard Unruh:

You can download the Sheer Terror song here (megaupload link).

Cell Phone Application Developmentli

Here's a pretty interesting opinion article about cell phones.
"Why the 160 character limit on SMS? Because SMS messages are squeezed into a gap in the control sequences that phones exchange with the towers to remain connected to the network. In other words, SMS messages are sent anyway, all the time, even if you haven't put anything in them. They are just part of the network! So why do the telcos charge 25c per message? Because they can. Oligopolies are cute like that."

The Software of the Mars Phoenix Lander

Go here to read an interview about the software used on the Mars lander:
"In cruise, we had contact about every three days for eight hours. During EDL, we had continuous contact for about I don't know 24-48 hours. Maybe it was longer than that. I'm not really sure. On the surface, we get at least two passes, two full communications passes a day. We actually get passes about every two hours during nighttime operations. The spacecraft has to wake up every couple of hours and verify its power state, and sometimes there's a communications pass associated with that. Generally in terms of command ability and getting science data back, we do two or three passes a day."

Roller Coast Tycoon Crash


"University of Florida mechanical and aerospace engineering associate professor Subrata Roy has submitted a patent for a circular, spinning craft that can hover and take off vertically. The wingless electromagnetic air vehicle, or WEAV, is just six inches across, but has the potential to be scaled up to a much larger size. The WEAV is covered with electrodes that ionise the surrounding air into plasma, which functions as the conducting fluid. Passing a current through the plasma creates lift and momentum."

What up ma

Mhmm, give me all those shoes

It’s been a long long long time

"Culture Buzz An animated version of John Lennon, in 1969, talking about war and peace. The audio comes from a conversation recorded by then 14-year-old Jerry Levitan, who cornered Lennon in the singer’s Toronto hotel room. The grown-up Levitan produced this short."

I didn't get to watch this yet, going to when I get home from work.

I love my non-human friends more than humans

"Animals have complex dreams and are able to retain and recall long sequences of events while they are asleep, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers report for the first time in the Jan. 25 issue of the journal Neuron."


I saw this on reddit this morning.

The land of generating

Here's an archive of all those weird online webapps that you use to generate pimp names and such.

Mine is Lawrence Hott ...

It just sorta got outta hand and... yeh

The dubbing is off, it's awful but still great.

Still phenomenal.

In honor of America...

Classic Game Characters in Spores.....Whaaa?

Some dude over at Gaming Culture made tons of those old characters that you know and love from gaming past. Out of spores? I have no idea how the program works but it seems pretty cool. To me it feels weird how Pac Man turned into a Super Mario Brothers character.


why do they always take the good ones?


At first I thought this was for a halloween costume
25 historical events as depicted by 4-year-olds (cracked)
13 Awesome Last Requests (Cracked)

also also

The Dark Knight

I hope this poster is real.

Enjoy your long weekend

NEW Messin' with Sasquatch - Cart


Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do now? 50/50 chance to win.

this is what i feel like lately.

plate design

I need both of these plates. They express how I want to respond to people 75% of the time (99% of the time at work).

Give yourself a laser etch tattoo

The picture is from the link below.

Mother of Mercy

"Private LaVena Johnson's nose was broken, teeth were loose, one eye was concave and there were abrasions over her body. The supposed M-16 hole to the head was far too small for the revolver-sized exit wound, and was on the wrong side of her skull for a right-handed woman to have pulled the trigger. Her genital area showed evidence of acid, perhaps used to destroy DNA evidence. She had white military gloves glued to her burned hands."

"Three years after her daughter's body had been flown home from Iraq, it was still too painful for Linda Johnson to describe the first moments when she realised her daughter had been raped, shot, burned with acid, then dumped in a contractor's tent and set on fire."

-Tracey Barnett

I don't really know what to say about this besides that it ruined my day.

When The Moon And Google Meet ...The Stars Are Blind.


I love google and i love the moon.

Word on the street is that google and the moon are going to have a collaboration, and create another form of life for the moon. There are only rough sketches now, but they have a few leads like this

Robert Williams

Above is an image of what the original Guns and Roses album "Appetite for Destruction" was going to look like. The artist was Robert Williams and some of his other work is amazing. I just realized the other day who he was, when a lot of the same paintings i see are his.

Im going to be making my digi mix post soon, i just ran in to some weird shit. MOON MAN

Morphing chemical robots

"Tufts University has received federal funding to develop chemical robots that will be able to squeeze into spaces as tiny as 1 centimeter, then morph into something 10 times larger, and ultimately biodegrade. The "chembots" could access urban environments, tunnels, caves and debris fields, and carry out other risky operations in complex environments."

The end of days are coming.

Typography is kewl.

I love the colors and mixed media of this simple references the past, but brings it to new life.


Check it, Marty McFly Hyperdunks

Mike, I am expecting you to do whatever you have to, to have a pair of these.

Mac OS X, Display looks like you dropped 8 tabs of acid

If your display ever looks like that. IE. having a loss of colors and looking like an old monochrome display on acid, try resetting your PRAM. This portion of memory on the logic board holds your display and video information.

The sad part is that after talking with two different apple employees, niether had any idea what to do. One suggested a SMC Reset and I'm not really sure why but I figured I'd give it a shot. Needless to say, the PRAM reset worked which I thought of after one time when I was at the "Genius Bar" with one of our iMacs from work.

Also, the video card I have, ATI Radeon x1600, had been discontinued in June of 2007 and there are NO video drivers anywhere to be found.

How to reset PRAM:

What's stored in your PRAM:
  • Display and video settings such as refresh rate, screen resolution, number of colors
  • Startup volume choice
  • Speaker volume
  • Recent kernel panic information, if any
  • DVD region setting
Note: Mac OS X stores your preselected DVD region choice in PRAM for easy access. Resetting PRAM does not allow you to change the DVD region.

Hustle hard

Some Drug Traffickers Are More Equal Than Others

Apple Update

So I just wanted to talk a few minutes and express my frustration with Apple Software Update.

Yesterday, I decided to let software update install a Quicktime update. I usually never update Quicktime. This time I allow it to update and software update locks up and eventually locks up my Macbook Pro.
This lockup ruined my file system and has basically rendered my laptop unusable.

It was unable to be repaired through the following methods:
  • Disk Utility
  • Disk Utility from the start-up disk
  • Single-user mode
  • Disk Warrior
  • Safe Mode (would not even boot)

Today at lunch I will be making a trip to the Freehold Mall to pick up Leopard and hopefully get a fucking student discount on it.

My point is, Quicktime is really not worth updating.

Also, Apple: the software update for something as inconsequential as Quicktime should NEVER consume enough resources to lock up my laptop while I am only running Adium and Firefox. Furthermore, why is the software updater accessing such fragile portions of the file system for only a Quicktime update?

Midgets aka Little People

So, I just got back from the gym to find that someone sent this to me.

Apparently they also hold the key to the vortex, look at how fast he moves on the ground.

Hi there Olga, it's Dmitri... - Watch more free videos


Sorry, but these NEVER get old.

This may be the funniest video ever created:

I'm trying not to kill myself laughing at work.

We got money

Hey, I have a great idea, let's allot another $162 billion for the wars we're fighting that are accomplishing absolutely fucking nothing. This won't decrease the value of our ever falling dollar at all. Just like those economic stimulus checks really helped stimulate the economy. Let's waste some more billions of dollars.


"Fishing in the stream of consciousness, researchers now can detect our intentions and predict our choices before we are aware of them ourselves. The brain, they have found, appears to make up its mind 10 seconds before we become conscious of a decision -- an eternity at the speed of thought."
-Wall Street Journal

Read the full article here.

Canada to launch near Earth asteroid detection satellite

Go read about it here:

Some videos

Here's a bunch of videos to start off Friday morning. Apparently blogger doesn't allow you to create a jump link in the post so a ton of shit doesn't clog up the front page.

Also, I've been waiting to post this picture:

Funny ass Black Flag Interview

Cro-Mags on some TV show

Crazy Colt Remix from Banned Vids on Vimeo.

Banned in Orlando 2 trailer!!!! from Banned Vids on Vimeo.

Ali Boulala - From one of those Flip videos

Jamal Smith, funny as hell

Steven Hamiltin - Can I Eat

Steven Hamilton - All Day

Van Homan - Criminal Mischief


From the Mars Phoenix lander's twitter:
"MarsPhoenix: The friendly dirt has salts and nutrients magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride. And pH of 8. You could grow asparagus, say scientists."
How fucking cool is that?

Also, apparently Mars was possibly struck by an object larger than Pluto.

Large Hadron Collider at CERN

This diagram shows the LHC and the SPS pre-accelerator (in blue) and the transfer lines that will connect them (in red). Spanning the France-Swiss border (shown by green crosses), the 27-km LHC tunnel will receive a beam that has been pre-accelerated to 450 GeV in the smaller SPS storage ring. The transfer lines will remove each beam from the SPS and inject them into the LHC where they will be accelerated to the full energy of 7 TeV.
Here's a really interesting article explaining how the Large Hadron Collider at CERN actually works. It's really impressive how it all works considering it will apparently generate 2GB of data every 10 seconds.

This is a breakdown of the computer model, a bit more detailed:

Here is a whole multimedia gallery of images from CERN:


i cannot tell you how much time i've been trapped in here
DISCOGS.COM serves as a database to list extensive and complete band discographies (yes including singles and 7"s) including comps on which they've played, records on which other bands have covered them, unofficial releases, most importantly, decent resolution images of almost all artwork and inserts. 
great for anyone who collects records (see: is a nerd) 
or finds the need to label obscure mp3s anally and correctly (me)

and don't fret, the scope of the bands included is a boundless one. everything from:

and they've got this UNBELIEVABLE knack for having the most obscure shit you've never found anywhere else on the internet. pretty much my favorite site