Howard Unruh

I always found how men (and now women) are affected by warfare very interesting. One particular that stands out to me, probably for me because Sheer Terror wrote a song about him is Howard Unruh. To many he is considered the "father of mass murder". Howard had gone on a killing spree, murdering 13 people on September 6, 1945 in Camden, NJ.
"Always a reserved man, he had turned into a recluse in the three months before his spree. The World War II veteran was unemployed and lived with his mother. During the war, he was reportedly a brave tank soldier who kept meticulous notes of every German killed, down to details of the corpse."
Go here to read more about Howard and the events of that day:

Editor: "How many have you killed?"
Unruh: "I don't know yet - I haven't counted them, but it looks like a pretty good score."

Here's a short documentary about Howard Unruh:

You can download the Sheer Terror song here (megaupload link).