Apple Update

So I just wanted to talk a few minutes and express my frustration with Apple Software Update.

Yesterday, I decided to let software update install a Quicktime update. I usually never update Quicktime. This time I allow it to update and software update locks up and eventually locks up my Macbook Pro.
This lockup ruined my file system and has basically rendered my laptop unusable.

It was unable to be repaired through the following methods:
  • Disk Utility
  • Disk Utility from the start-up disk
  • Single-user mode
  • Disk Warrior
  • Safe Mode (would not even boot)

Today at lunch I will be making a trip to the Freehold Mall to pick up Leopard and hopefully get a fucking student discount on it.

My point is, Quicktime is really not worth updating.

Also, Apple: the software update for something as inconsequential as Quicktime should NEVER consume enough resources to lock up my laptop while I am only running Adium and Firefox. Furthermore, why is the software updater accessing such fragile portions of the file system for only a Quicktime update?